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(Please send money order or cheque with the "make payable to line" left blank. Thank you kindly)


Please Read Carefully Before Ordering:     We are not engaged in commerce.

The following products are offered as gifts in consideration of donations. The minimum donation requested is printed next to the gift item. Please note that in order to process a check or money order, you must indicate on your check or money order that you are making a donation. We are unable to accept checks or money orders which are not marked as donations. Donations are not refundable.

To Order:  Send a donation as a check or money order
(Please send money order or cheque with the "make payable to" line left blank. Thankyou kindly) Write in the word "donation" in the memo portion of the check. Failure to follow these instructions will result in the return of your check for correction. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.Include Your Gift Order With Your Donation. You may hand write your order or print out this order page  and send in the top half of this page.

When you send in a donation, be sure to include a copy of my confirmation E mail or include a separate piece of paper with your itemized gifts requested. Please do not simply send me a check or money order without a list of what you wanted. It takes me forever to backtrack through old E mails and figure out what I'm suppose to send you. Always include your E-mail address and/or telephone number with your mailed in donation in case I have to talk to you about the gift items ordered.

Delivery Time
If I have the item on the shelf and ready to go, I can usually send within a few days of receipt. If I have to construct or modify the item of interest, please allow 2-4 weeks on average to fill your request. I'm always interested in delivering as fast as possible as that makes everyone happy, but realize that many of these speciality items are custom made by hand and it takes time to do a proper job.

New Security Consideration:
It's very important that you reply back to me as soon as you receive my confirmation E mail to let me know that you got it OK.

Registered Mail and Other
Do not send registered or certified mail. I realize that some people want to be sure that their letter or donation reaches me, but sending mail that requies a signature is no longer an option. If you live within the USA and send by Priority Mail with Delviery Confirmation or Express mail, there is a tracking number which tells you the status of delivery. If you send a postal money order or international money order, you can receive a refund if your money order is stolen or it never reaches me (but this has never happened to date). If you live outside of Canada and want a confirmation from me that I received your donation, include your e-mail address and ask me to e-mail you a note to confirm receipt. If you live inside of Canada and want confirmation of receipt, use Delivery Confirmation.
Please send an email to confirm receipt of gift/s or item/s

.Shipping: I will confirm shipping cost of items via email when I receive your order.

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All Peoples Trading Post ©®

c/o Cekaitah- Ekotakihee:

Box 214
Winlaw, B.C.
V0G 2J0